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Comforty’s largest furniture showroom in Poland

Located in the heart of Warsaw’s środmieście district, in the historical interiors of MDM social realist monumental development, is the largest display of Comforty furniture. Our mission is to present, promote and sell Polish and international premium class design. Refined finishing and sophisticated form characterise products from our collection, which we constantly develop through meetings with clients, trainings and workshops.

Our flagship showroom is a place brimming with original design, a space of inspiration, discussion and creative work, to which we invite designers, architects and individual clients. Aside from Comforty design, our offer includes selected products by highest-quality brands for lighting, upholstery fabric, carpets, decorative candles, wallpapers and other interior design elements.

The showroom offers products that make ideal gifts. These can be packed and sent to a provided address upon request.

Complementing our interior design offer is a selection of books from the best publishers in Poland and abroad. We choose for you the hottest titles, new releases as well as rare and beautiful publications devoted to interior decoration, architecture, fashion, design and leisure time activities.

Our team of experienced advisors and designers offers:

- professional design consultation and support in the choice of furniture, lighting and interior decorations products from our offer;

- product price calculation;

- support in creating specifications on the basis of brands available in the showroom’s offer and on the market;

- development and price calculation of individual designs of wooden made-to-measure furniture;

- price calculation of upholstery services and purchase of upholstery fabric for designs;

- creating specifications and designs of indoor and outdoor lighting;

- price calculation of top quality window decoration and curtains in collaboration with a specialised studio;

- wallpaper price calculation;

- handling warranty claims and out-of-warranty services.


The leading Belgian manufacturer

of luxury olfactory articles – candles, diffusers and other items related to interior scents. A pioneer in the production of non-standard multi-wick candles based on natural ingredients, with a beautiful palette of scents inspired by landscape, the city, architecture and nature. Aside from sophisticated olfactory compositions, a distinguishing feature of Baobab products are original containers created with utmost care, whose design refers to the concept of a given compositions and complements it beautifully.

Baobab scented candles perfectly highlight the style and spirit of the interior. They stimulate the senses and take our imagination on an endless sensual journey. Our showroom boasts the broadest selection of Baobab products in Warsaw. Available on offer are bestsellers set in a discreet, timeless framing as well as more sophisticated seasonal compositions that surprise us with their beauty and the originality of holder designs. All products ensure outstanding functionality and highest quality of natural ingredients. The offer of olfactory items: candles and diffusers is complemented by beautiful accessories and gift packs.


The CSrugs company, known until recently

as Carpet Sign, manifests an enthusiastic approach to textiles. Its creative team, who constantly cares for development, high standards and quality service, established CSrugs as one of the leading manufacturers of made-to-measure carpets. Since 1979, CSrugs has specialised in producing luxury carpets with varied carpet pile height, combinations of materials and colours. It is one of the few factories today that produces design-advanced carpets in Europe, combining the Flemish-Dutch tradition of carpet manufacturing with state-of-the-art production technologies and creative possibilities.

CSrugs collections can be found both in private lounges and in public, office, luxury boutique and hotel spaces. Aside from the permanent collection, it is possible to create individual colour combinations and made-to-measure carpets – ideally tailored and fully customised superior quality products. Experts from the CSrugs studio offer visualisations of clients’ wishes and samples of final solutions; they can even elaborate fibre hue variants. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a brand with a production infrastructure that offers such an outstanding level of customisation of textile products.


Ethimo is one of the leading Italian

manufacturers of outdoor furniture, whose form draws inspiration from genuine Mediterranean culture: timeless architecture, surroundings filled with charming scents and everyday life customs. With their artful handicraft execution, Ethimo products live up to even the most refined tastes. The furniture offers a well-balanced mix of beauty, nature, culture and tradition. Production relies on top quality innovative and natural materials. All wood is FSC certified and comes exclusively from forests that are monitored and subject to rigorous reforestation norms.

The offer of Ethimo products embraces: hand-woven carpets, atmospheric outdoor lamps, large deckchairs, chairs and tables as well as many other items of furniture and accessories, ideal both for domestic interiors and hotel, restaurant and café spaces. The brand’s range includes refined collections by Paola Navone, Patrick Norguet and Luca Nichetto as well as timeless classics, with which Ethimo has established its reputation throughout the decades.


Over the years, this international brand

has become synonymous with highest quality and perfection in design. Flos is universally recognised as a leader in the production of lighting for domestic and office interiors, public spaces, and for several years also gardens and outer walls of buildings. The brand’s crucial asset is advanced engineering and technology, developed by Flos in several research and development centres, and implemented in the manufacturing of all lighting product types. The precision of optical components, quality of structural solutions, stringent parameters and norms met by Flos products are unrivalled.

Since its establishment in 1962, Flos has been a source of admiration, inspiration and amazement at forms, imagination and ingenuity of designers invited to collaborate. Over the years, the brand’s innumerable products have become design icons, enriching the most outstanding museum and private collections. Carefully reproduced and embracing latest technological innovations, Flos icons are constantly used in modern-day architectural designs. They remind us of the culturally significant, universally recognised and timeless heritage of Italian design.


Established in 1968, this Danish brand

is a world leader in the design and production of top quality upholstery fabric, acoustics panels, carpets and curtains for office, hotel and public spaces. Kvadrat specialises in natural fabric made of New Zealand wool of certified origin. All brand’s products are certified and attested for durability, composition, flame retardancy, resistance to loss of colour, etc. Kvadrat invites the most renowned designers and architects of our times to develop its unique offer. The exclusive circle of Kvadrat’s designers includes Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Häberli, Giulio Ridolfo, Nina Dytzel, Herzog & de Meuron Studio, Anderssen & Voll Studio, Akira Minagawa, Sylvain Willentz, among many other outstanding figures.

The brand actively supports the development of upholstery fabric design, offering new, innovative, top-quality products every year. In the recent years, Kvadrat has also been implementing programmes concerning sustainable development, production waste recycling, reduction of water and energy use, which positions the brand as one of the industry leaders.

Since 2013, Comforty had been a retail distributor of Kvadrat fabric. Aside from a broad array of upholstery fabric, the showroom also offers excellent carpets. Depending on the collection, these are available in standard dimensions or cut according to the design. Upon request, we also present Kvadrat curtains and window decorations and calculate the price in cooperation with the TIC TAC studio.


Design lies at the heart of NUDE

Its glassware portfolio is designed by leading international designers, which invariably positions NUDE among top innovative producers dynamically developing their offer. The company takes pride in its courage, nonconformity and individuality, and its products guarantee an unrivalled level of quality and sophistication. The NUDE GLASS offer embraces marvellous glass cups and glasses, glass tableware, perfect both for everyday use and celebratory occasions. A major place in the collection is reserved for more refined utilitarian objects: vases, bowls, storage containers and many more. The circle of NUDE designers features young stars of international design, such as Sebastian Herkner and Forma Fantasma, as well as Inga Sempe and Ron Arad, renowned for decades.


Serralunga is a leading manufacturer

of outdoor furniture and accessories, created by the brand in the “Made in Italy” spirit since 1825. All its products: flowerpots, garden decorations, lighting components and furniture, are characterised by perfect design and top quality of execution, which makes them ideal both for indoors and outdoors. Serralunga collaborates with a range of eminent designers, such as Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Joan Gaspar, Claudio Bellini and Philippe Starck. Owing to state-of-the-art technology, the Italian brand’s products guarantee increased resistance to dirt, air pollution and effects of atmospheric conditions, which is why they provide a perfect solution for contract projects and public spaces.


Vondom is the Spanish brand

behind outdoor furniture designed for individual clients as well as hotel and corporate spaces. The keyword of its collection is design that allows the brand’s products to transform space, filling it with an atmosphere, emotions and original character.

Advanced technology, easy maintenance, longevity and resistance to sunlight are the distinguishing features of the Spanish brand’s products.

Our showroom offers a selection of bestsellers from Vondom’s rich collection.


Zięta Studio is a multidisciplinary team

of architects, designers, engineers and technologists, headed by one of the most recognised and successful Polish designers, Oskar Zięta. This designer, lecturer and inventor developed and implemented his own steel production method, which results in extraordinary and uncompromising collections of fantastical abstract objects, public sculptures and functional collector’s forms. These activate the senses with their unique shapes, as if against the laws of physics. Zięta Studio aims to create objects that rely on the best possible synergy between design and technology. Filled with air and shaped across several planes, steel furniture, mirrors and accessories enjoy the status of icons of contemporary design, proudly representing 21st century Polish design in museum collections worldwide.

The FiDU technology invented by Oskar Zięta, based on the method of transforming metal sheets into 3D objects, is protected by international patent.

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Paid parking lots are available for our clients as well as located nearby, large parking at Plac Konstytucji.

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