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"The lamp is made of thermoformed Corian or Hi-Max. It makes a surprising use of this innovative material and emanates the subtle beauty of its ideally proportioned form. Perfect for modern interiors, where it functions very well both as a delicate source of light and as a design centrepiece. Its sensorial texture and translucence, which gives it a sense of lightness, stand in contrast to its durability, stability and bulk. "


Use lamp for home interiors and public spaces
Structure HI-MACS material
Light source fluorescent lamp, power depends on the lamp size


Genesis and inspirations

Genotyp is an innovative design that makes an unconventional use of the finishing material famous for its formula and properties. Tapping into its potential, it generates a new quality, offering a perfect example of functional and modern way of thinking about design. 

Since the launch of our collaboration with Tomek Rygalik, this lamp, designed in 2007, became for us a symbol of the millenary transformation in Polish design. Its production was far from easy, but Tomek Rygalik’s idea to search for new applications of the material, to rescale and multiply the characteristic silhouette seemed inspiring and memorable. We did not want this design to be shelved. Time has shown that the product was worth the effort and development work. Genotyp graces numerous public and private spaces. It was one of the emblematic furnishings of the Council of the European Union interiors during the first Polish presidency in the EU. It can also be found in the Rotunda building – one of the seats of the PKO bank, of high symbolic value for the city, situated at the intersection of the city’s major thoroughfares: Marszałkowska Street and Jerusalem Avenue. The design of the lamp was acclaimed by the curators of the Polish design gallery at the National Museum in Warsaw, where it stands out with its characteristic, powerfully defined silhouette. 

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