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"Napo is a complete and carefully devised system that ensures a comfortable and attractive place to relax in every space. Napo is designed not to restrict in any way the freedom of creating a leisure zone and ways of using the seat. Its structure allows several people to sit at the same time. You can take a sit on the backrest, on the side, or rest comfortably on the cushion. Purchased modules can be easily re-arranged, adapting the set to the current needs. "



Use modular leisure furniture set for home interiors and public spaces
Structure furniture board frame with elements of hardwood, softwood and plywood
Seat wave springs, high-resilience foam filling
Backrest fluffy filling: silicone balls and cut foam
Base solid beech or oak wood frame, available in the Comforty solid wood collection colours as standard.


Products in the collection

Genesis and inspirations

An infinite number of variants can be created with four complementary modules: armchair, corner section module, pouffe, and a new corner module, which allows for arranging obtuse triangle corners. The available range thus comprises simple sofas for several persons, numerous corner variants, a modern chaise longue, a comfortable armchair, as well as their geometrical configurations. The pouffe from the Napo collection perfectly functions as an auxiliary table, obviating the need to introduce additional elements in the system. 

The comfortable seat is equipped with springs and offers satisfaction both in home and office environments. It is perfectly balanced. Backrest cushions retain their shape and do not require constant corrections. The base, made of solid oak or beech wood in the colours from our collection, not only adds a pleasant accent, but also prevents the bottom part of this item from soiling. 

The ideal simplicity of this system based on only five modules is a source of Napo’s unwavering popularity. The interesting detail in the form of an enlarged, soft fabric hem along the edges of the solid has proved timeless. The same applies to the geometry of the solids of this design, slightly softened by the above mentioned detail. It renders Napo ingeniously simple, functional and easy to arrange. Modularity allows for modifying the configurations of the solids without additional installation works. It is enough to unlock the module latches. 

The wooden base is available in the beech and oak solid wood varnish palette from the Comforty collection.