Canbera Touch

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"Elegant simplicity, inspired by ascetic forms from the 1960s, and classic proportions are what makes Canbera ideally balanced and universal. Its modesty of form and perfect execution ensure visual beauty and durability for years. The subtle upholstery details will match every interior and harmonise with a variety of forms. Canbera is a perfect example of furniture that can be easily arranged, with added accents in the form of smaller and more distinctive armchairs, tables and decoration details in order to adapt the interior to a broad range of trends and moods. With its well-considered proportions, Canbera will not steal the show, but will perfectly suit every context. "



Use leisure furniture for home interiors and public spaces
Structure furniture board structure with elements of hardwood, softwood and plywood
Seat wave springs, Bonell springs covered with polyurethane foam
Footstool 80/100 spring slats, Bonell springs covered with polyurethane foam
Backrest cut foam, silicone balls (Attention! Backrest cushions require regular fluffing up to restore their original look)
Base stainless steel legs available as standard; sandblasted steel legs optionally available at an additional charge
Loose cushions two cushions included with each sofa; one cushion included with each armchair


Genesis and inspirations

Aside from visual qualities, Canbera’s gentle design also offers well-devised comfort. The seat slightly tilted to the back, the appropriate angle of the backrest tilt, and the well-balanced softness of foam guarantee a long-lasting sense of comfort and support for the back. Without any strains, regardless of the user’s height. 

Canbera’s chic is determined by clearly-defined geometrical shapes, artfully combined with discreet legs in colours from Comforty’s solid wood and veneer palette. Soft cushions are included as standard in each sofa. 

Reflection on the essence of timeless design often concentrates exclusively on form. But Canbera proves that a key feature of design that never falls out of fashion is the harmony between form and function. It also shows that Mies van der Rohe’s famous adage “less is more” has lost none of its topicality, regardless of current trends and waves of nostalgia, and without discouraging experimentation and individual expression. 

Reaching this simple goal is not as easy as it seems, especially if it is to bring about commercial success. The point is to articulate a sufficiently robust message in the language of design, but without going too far; to create design that flawlessly embraces the available knowledge of ergonomics and technology for the sake of everyday enjoyment. To make sure that our interior is exactly how we want it to be, and gives us a sense of lasting satisfaction. 

The Canbera collection comprises sofas in a range of sizes, corner modules, armchairs and handy pouffes in several sizes. 

The Canbera Touch model is also on offer for those looking for a lighter form.